It took a few days to realise why the "bank" called

"Can you speak now? We have noticed suspicious transactions in your account." Arūnas, 60, was working in his garden at the time and was very surprised - he had never received such calls before, and he only used his account himself, and always very carefully.

Lack of care when handling company payment orders can cost you money

Lithuanian companies are not bypassed by a globally popular method of scam - imitation of email correspondence between business partners. Scammers send emails about allegedly updated payment details or invoices with their bank account specified to pay for services or goods.

Fake boss can be stopped by an ironclad order

It was an ordinary day at the office. Danutė and her colleague Ingrida checked whether all supplier invoices for the previous month had been paid and whether all managers had submitted any necessary information. 

Investment scams promise "guaranteed" returns without any risks

Haven't you heard about phone scams? If you haven't, you are the exception rather than the rule. It is worth taking a closer look at the matter, especially as scammers tend to switch scenarios, i.e. instead of shocking dramatic situations about the loved ones getting into accidents, they lure victims with supposedly very lucrative investment opportunities.

Even professionals get deceived: why you should not rely on advice from strangers

No one is scam-proof. This fact has been corroborated by the story of an entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of finance, who advises companies. She has been scammed on a virtual platform for selling goods: scammers misappropriated her details and wiped all the money from her bank card.

Vicinity of the police station helped to protect against the "investigator"

Agnė, the head of the cultural institution, had a very tough agenda - a new call for projects had been launched, so she had to spend a lot of time coordinating plans with partners. The afternoon seemed to be a little calmer, yet the woman's work phone rang again. That time it was not about culture at all, as the man identified himself as a representative of police.

Elderly woman believed she had found love

Criminals involved in romantic scams look for victims through various dating and communication apps and social networks. Birutė, a 70-year-old woman from Vilnius, has been swindled in one of them.

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